October 2022 Business Update

Hello everyone, we have some important updates regarding changes to our operations as we near the Holidays.

As you all know, Tia has joined us last week (and also participated and placed in this year’s Fun In The Sun Grooming Competition). This means that we will now be operating 7 days a week (Sundays can officially open up)! ?

Beginning November 1st, 2022, our groomers will work the following schedules:

Sunday – Tuesday: Jessie (he may also join Tia on other days at his discretion)

Wednesday – Saturday: Tia

Both Tia and Jessie are fantastic groomers and are fully capable of delivering results the PupLuxe way. That being said, we are happy to honor requests to the best of our ability, and as our schedule allows. If you would prefer to always be scheduled with a specific groomer, let Johan know by texting our client texting line at (833) 515-2511. He will make sure to put you on a recurring schedule where you will always be with your groomer of choice. ?


Our groomers will be paid on commission. Therefore, in order to ensure that we are fairly compensating our groomers for their time and work, we will no longer be honoring multi-pet discounts starting November 1st, 2022. This includes the $10 off second pup discount, and the 15% off entire service for 3 dogs or more. If you have any concerns regarding this change, please let Johan know through the text line.

All other discounts and special pricing will continue to be honored through the rest of the year. In 2023 we may reassess those as well depending on the growth needs of our business. ?

Thank you guys so much for being the best part of PupLuxe Grooming!