Services & Pricing

PupLuxe Grooming offers a full range of services for pups of all coat types and sizes. Pricing will vary based on service, the condition of your pup’s coat and their size. Check out our overview of services and pricing below.

Luxe Bath Service

Starting at $70

Luxe Spa Doodle

Every pup gets the royal treatment at PupLuxe Grooming! Included with the Luxe Bath service, your pup gets to enjoy everything on this list:

  • Full coat assessment and consultation
  • Premium shampoo & conditioner tailored to your pup's coat
  • Blow drying by hand (no cage drying)
  • Ear cleaning and anal gland expression
  • Pet cologne or perfume
  • Nail trim & filing
  • Teeth brushing & fresh breath treatment
  • Lots of rubs, love and praise!

Choose Your Grooming Package

Both of our grooming packages include everything provided with the Luxe Bath Service.

Mini Groom

Starting at $90

  • Shave & clean up paw pads
  • Face trim
  • Trim and clean around the feet
  • Trim sanitary areas

Full Groom

Starting at $120

  • Everything in the Mini Groom package
  • All over body haircut with scissor finish
  • All standard breed cuts and patterns

Does Your Pup Need Special Care? Give Our Pupgrades a Try!

You can add on any of the Pupgrades below to any service you choose for an additional fee.

Brush & Demat

Brush & Demat

Starting at $10

If your pup has a few pesky knots and mats, we can save their coat* with detangling and dematting treatments. Pricing will vary depending on severity of matting.

Flea & Tick Treatment

Flea & Tick Treatment

Starting at $35

Say no to pesky fleas and ticks. Our medicated Flea & Tick treatment will give your pup relief from the itch and rehydrate their skin.

Luxe Charcoal Coat Treatment

Luxe Charcoal Coat Treatment

Starting at $20

The ideal shampoo & conditioner combo for the active pup. This treatment helps degrease, detoxify and moisturize your pup’s coat.

Luxe Hand Stripping

Luxe Hand Stripping


Hand stripping is the process of removing dead hairs from the coat by hand to speed up the natural process of growth and shedding. This technique is ideal for terriers and wire-haired pups.

*Unfortunately, not every coat can be saved. If your dog is severely matted, it is both painful and dangerous to attempt to demat them. In these cases, we may recommend a much shorter length in order to release them from their tangles and give them relief from their pelted coat (this may result in an additional fee). For best results, we recommend daily brushing and keeping a consistent grooming schedule with your pup.

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