March 2024 Business Update

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy first quarter for us here at PupLuxe Grooming and we are excited to see how the rest of the year pans out for us.

Back in January, we had announced that we are postponing price increases until April to give us time to work out the details (and for our clients to make it past the big holiday spending). We have decided to make 2 changes to our pricing.

Flat $5 Increase Across All Services

Starting April 1st, we are increasing all prices by $5. The only exceptions to the price increase are for all full groom dogs above 40lbs (we believe they are adequately priced already to account for inflation), and all bath and mini groom dogs above 79 lbs.

Why Increase Prices?

While some of our operating costs are fixed, most of them aren’t. In the last 12 months, the rent on our storage facility has risen twice, the cost of supplies has risen, the cost of our vendors’ services have risen, the cost of our insurances have risen, our payroll has increased and we’ve had to make considerable expenses on maintenance and repair due to wear and tear on our very large (and very expensive) converted vans. =]

Since we made a larger price jump last year, we wanted to do a smaller increase this year. We are hoping this small increase will not only bridge the gap between our increased expenses and decreased profit, but also not be too taxing on our existing clients. As always, if you have concerns regarding your schedules due to the price increase, please text back or give Ivie a call and we can make any necessary adjustments or cancellations.

$20 Upcharge For Clients Who Book More Than 6 Weeks Out

This is the most significant change to our pricing structure, but the most important. Right now we are booked at capacity. This means that if you’re not already on a schedule, the chances of us being able to find you a spot within 2 weeks are slim unless we have a last-minute cancellation. This also means that we’re going to prioritize clients who consistently book with us every 4-6 weeks. Starting April 1st, seasonal clients or clients who book more than 6 weeks out between appointments will pay an additional $20 per service. This does not apply to new clients.

Why does it cost more for my pup to be seen less frequently?

It isn’t just about supply and demand. Pups who are seen less frequently are:

  • More likely to face severe matting, which requires more time, more wear and tear on our equipment, and carry higher risks/liabilities for us.
  • More likely to suffer from dry, itchy or flaky skin.
  • At higher risk of developing hematomas (especially if ears are severely matted)
  • More likely to feel anxious or nervous about the process due to infrequent exposure to the grooming experience.
  • At higher risk of ear infections (if ears are not cleaned and checked regularly), paw injuries (from nails not being properly maintained) and other medical concerns that could be avoided or caught early if being groomed regularly.

And ultimately, clients who wait too long to get their pups groomed are less likely to be happy with their results. We can’t make your fluffy dog look fluffy if your dog’s hair is knotted up, matted, extremely grimy or stained by urine and feces. We do the very best that we can, but we can only help pet parents achieve what they are committed to help us achieve for them.

We may make some exceptions to clients who have been around with us for a while and have a consistent schedule past 6 weeks (for example, clients who we have agreed to see every other month). However, we reserve the right to choose not to honor those exceptions for any reason we deem necessary.

Thank you so much for being the best part of PupLuxe Grooming. Our clients are the cornerstone of our business and it is through your continual support that we’re able to operate this amazing service that everyone is barking about! =D

4 Comments on “March 2024 Business Update”

  1. You should not have to explain any of this to.anyone, running a business does not require you to explain price increases, the quality of your work.speaks volume!! Amazing work !!

    1. Thank you for your continued support! <3

      We like to explain our price increases out of transparency and consideration. We want our clients to remember we are a small business and we have to make these decisions to continue to be in business. The price of everything goes up annually, so it is only logical that our prices do the same. =]

  2. Hi! So are you saying that booking for every 6 weeks is going to be costly in comparison to booking every 4 weeks?


    1. Hi Rose! For clarification, anything past 6 weeks (so 7 weeks or more) will be more costly in comparison to booking within 6 weeks or less. This is to ensure that our clients who are committed to a 4-6 week schedule, as we recommend, get priority. We will still take seasonal clients or clients who only book every other month, but they will pay more (which makes sense, they are seen less), and they will likely have to be accommodated in time slots not already occupied by someone who has committed to a schedule. =]

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